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Saadiya Mutawakil

My name is Saadiya and I am a rising sophomore, biology major, here at Cornell University. Originally from Central Massachusetts, I will be spending my summer in beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Studying taxonomy, botany and the medicinal uses of plants while I am here, I will be blogging about my experiences as a member of the 2011 MHIRT program . . . so please, come and join me as I work my way through this amazing experience :)

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  • That's a wrap. . .?

    July 18th to July 22nd, 2011   Que Pasa amigos?   Dr. Barry was our last guest lecturer, a sad reminder that our time here is almost done. After he left Sunday, we were told that we had no more morning lectures; the time was left for us to work on our final projects or sleep in if we so chose. Every morning, 2 members of the group were able to ...
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  • Urchins, Empanadas y Avacados, All in a day's work

    Week of July 12 to July 17th   Hola Amigos,   I hope all is well. After Joannalyn’s departure Sunday, we refocused our subject matter back to plant families and their specific chemistries. Dr. Aregullin was the lecturer Monday through Wednesday so in addition to giving us an overview of medicinal plant use and pharmacology, Dr. Aregullin gave u ...
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  • Another memorable week. . .

    Week of July 4th to July 11, 2011   Que pasa amigos?   How was everyone’s Fourth of July?   Although we could not get our hands on a grill or any fireworks to celebrate our nation’s independence . . . . . we had a bonfire on the beach! It was on Playa Serena, which is a gorgeous beach side area near the foundation. It was a relaxing time for ...
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  • Into the Field We Go

    June 19th- June 25th Hola todos,   Como estas?   It has been two weeks since my last entry so there is a lot to fill you guys in on. I ended my last blog entry with the anticipated arrival of Dr. Marc McFerren, our next MHIRT lecturer. Dr. McFerren is a dermatologist with a PhD in pharmacology who not only is a MHIRT alumni but a Cornell Unive ...
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  • new blog

    Hola Amigos, My name is Saadiya and I am coming to you from beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic as a member of the 2011 MHIRT program. It has been just over two weeks since we first arrived and so much has already happened. I am going to try and condense it all into one blog but this will be no easy task. We arrived in Punta Cana on June 1st. ...
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Irby Lovette

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  • Kenya Course 2012 (BioEE2650)

    This blog will be updated as often as possible during our January 2012 Kenya Field course. It is meant primarily as a way to tell people back home about what we are seeing and experiencing in Kenya. Please be aware that it is common and normal for several days to pass between blog updates -- we try to maximize our time in the field, and sometimes s ...
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Chantel Venkataraman

I am a rising Sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am majoring in the Biological Sciences, concentrating in Genetics and Development and I am minoring in Global Health. After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan to pursue a degree in pediatric medicine. On campus, I am a member of the Biology Scholars Program, Absolute a Cappella, and Alpha Phi Omega Gamma Chapter. In the fall, I also plan on pursuing a position in a research lab on campus.

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  • Post #5

    My experiences in the lab this past week have educated me about the process of going to graduate school and pursuing a PhD. With the GRE approaching in a little over a week, many of the undergraduates in the other labs have been furiously studying during every free moment. Most of the students are seniors at Brown and plan to go straight into gradu ...
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  • Post #4

    This week was my first full week of lab work since I finished assisting in the Summer at Brown class.Surprisingly, it felt as if it was my first week in the lab again! Being away from the bench for a week truly felt like an eternity. It has been great to get back into my routine and work on more experiments.   During the week of the class, some o ...
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  • Post #3

    The past week has really made me feel as if I am back at Cornell! Instead of spending the majority of my day in the lab, I spent each afternoon as a teaching assistant in a class entitled “The Biology of Cancer”. The class was part of “Summer at Brown”, a high school summer program that introduces students to college level classes. For three hours ...
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  • Post #2

    Since my last post I have continued to have many exciting and interesting experiences in and out of the lab! In addition to being the principal investigator in the lab, Dr. Altura is a practicing pediatric oncologist at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. I have been able to shadow her during some of her days in the clinic. At first, I was unsure how I wou ...
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  • Week One!

    Hello and welcome to my blog about my summer experiences! This summer I will be volunteering as a research assistant in a molecular biology lab affiliated with Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. I will also be serving as a teaching assistant for a one week intensive cancer biology class for Summer at Brown. Jus ...
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