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Kenya Course 2012 (BioEE2650)

Posted by Irby Lovette
Irby Lovette
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on Thursday, 08 December 2011 in Classes

This blog will be updated as often as possible during our January 2012 Kenya Field course. It is meant primarily as a way to tell people back home about what we are seeing and experiencing in Kenya. Please be aware that it is common and normal for several days to pass between blog updates -- we try to maximize our time in the field, and sometimes several days go by when we are not at the main Mpala field station center, which is the only place that has internet access. It is less common, but also possible, that the station's satellite connection to the internet can fail, with several days required to get it fixed and active once again. These are the simple realities of working in a remote location, not something to be concerned about.

Blog entries will be written by the course leaders and by various students; we hope also to be able upload a few photos from the field. Please be understanding about the fact that the individual students will not have a direct internet connections (or phone, or texting, etc.) to the outside world during their time at Mpala, as the IT infrastructure at the field station simply cannot handle a sudden influx of 35 heavy users of the system.

This course is always a grand adventure. Every year is different, but we are very likely to witness some truly jaw-dropping biological marvels. The students meanwhile will be working very hard on the academic components of the course, earning every one of their course credits (and more) through actively engaging in scientific investigations and intellectual debates. They will likely return home with a wealth of stories about their time in Kenya; we hope that this blog site gives you a preview of those experiences.

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