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Tues 12:00p.m.-2:00p.m.

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Jed Sparks  

Tues 10:30a.m.-11:30a.m.


Don't Miss the Boat (or Plane)! Study Abroad as a Biology Major

Cornell Biology majors study all over the world! It's not difficult to fit a study abroad experience into your time at Cornell (even if you are pre-med or pre-grad!) as long as you plan early.  Talk with your faculty advisor or one the advisors in the Office of Undergraduate Biology to determine how courses taken abroad can fulfill major requirements.

The fact sheets below provide greater detail about specific academic programs that may interest biology majors.

Visit the Cornell Abroad Office in 300 Caldwell Hall (walk-in hours are 1:30-3:00pm daily) to: explore opportunities in different countries and regions, to review evaluations from students who've been abroad, discuss financial aid, and peruse catalogues and other program resource materials.

Each Cornell college has a study abroad advisor who is responsible for approving a student's study abroad academic plan and advising students on college abroad guidelines and appropriate course selection. Arts and Sciences students need to see Patricia Wasyliw in 55 Goldwin Smith Hall and CALS students must see Christine Potter in 140 Roberts Hall.

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