2019-2020 Student Advisors

2019 Biological Sciences Recognition Ceremony

2019 Biological Sciences Recognition Ceremony

Spring 2018 Biology Honors Poster Symposium

Bridget Martell '88 spending time with some of our Biology Scholars

2018-2019 Student Advisors

Pizza and Pups in the OUB

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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Welcome to the OUB

Cornell University Coronavirus Updates

The OUB is home to the biological sciences major at Cornell.  The OUB staff continues to work remotely (M-F 8:30-4:00 ET).  We remain fully committed to being accessible and to providing the same level of support and guidance to all students interested in or currently affiliated with the biological sciences major or minor. The OUB advisors are eager to connect with you for scheduled appointments.  Also Student Advisors are available for Zoom Drop-Ins .  And, always reach out to the OUB by email or by phone.

OUB staff can be reached via bioadvising@cornell.edu or phone 607-255-5233.

Schedule an appointment via our online scheduling tool or visit with OUB student advisors during Zoom Drop-Ins (schedule below)