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2019 Biological Sciences Recognition Ceremony

2019 Biological Sciences Recognition Ceremony

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Bridget Martell '88 spending time with some of our Biology Scholars

2018-2019 Student Advisors

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Welcome to the OUB

Cornell University Coronavirus Updates

April 5, 2020 update

While the OUB office is closed, we are all working remotely (M-F 8:30-4:00 EST).  Please send emails to bioadvising@cornell.edu or call 607-255-5233 (voice messages will be retrieved periodically throughout the business day).

The OUB advisors are still holding appointments (via phone or Zoom). Appointments can continue to be scheduled here or via the link below.

The University Administration has made some significant academic deadline and policy changes for undergraduate students.  Accordingly, we have also made a policy change for the biological sciences major for spring 2020.

  • May 12, the last day of instruction, is the new deadline for students to drop a course without a W or change the grading basis of a course to S/U
  • The threshold for an “S” remains a C-
  • Between May 12 and May 23, the last day of the semester, students can still drop any course with a W or petition to change to S/U grading for any course
  • Biological sciences will relax its policy for the spring 2020 semester and permit grades of “S” to satisfy major requirements (as a reminder, letter grades of D- or higher will continue to satisfy major requirements).  In other words, for spring 2020 grades of D- or higher AND grades of “S” will satisfy major requirements.
  • Students planning to apply to graduate school in the health sciences (medical, dental, PA, veterinary, etc.) should be cautious about switching to S/U grading for prerequisite courses for which letter grades are usually required. It is unclear how these programs will consider S/U grades from this semester. Up-to-date information for pre-health students can be found on the Cornell Career Services Health Careers FAQ. Please check back regularly as it will be edited as more information becomes available.

*** We encourage you to be patient in making decisions about how to proceed with your courses for the remainder of the semester!  We strongly encourage you to wait to make any decisions about dropping or changing grade options until you re-engage with your courses for several weeks.  It is important that you fully understand new course expectations, have a chance to see revised syllabi as well as an opportunity to talk with your instructors and TA’s, etc.  We also strongly encourage you to talk with your faculty advisor and/or an OUB advisor about changes you are considering making to your course enrollment or to your grading option for any course.

***If you are considering dropping below 12 credits, please be sure to meet with your Advising Dean (A&S) or a member of the Students Services Team (CALS), as dropping below 12 credits may create difficulties for both academic standing and financial aid.

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