People in the OUB

Cole Gilbert

Hays and James M. Clark Director of Undergraduate Biology

Bonnie Comella, Ed.D.

Director of Advising
Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Colleen Kearns

Associate Director of Undergraduate Research

Amy Haner

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Sanfilippo

Assessment Specialist

Wendy Aquadro

Senior Associate Director of Advising

Jeff McCaffrey ‘04, MAT ‘07

Assistant Director of Advising
Coordinator, Biology Scholars Program

Pamela Torelli

Curriculum Assistant and Building Coordinator

Student Advisors

Student Advisors are select junior and senior biology majors who are trained to advise new students.


Top row, left to right: Jeff McCaffrey, Colleen Kearns, Amy Haner
Bottom row, left to right: Wendy Aquadro, Kristy Long, Bonnie Comella