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Career Planning

Because Cornell Biological Sciences majors are exceptionally educated and trained to ask probing questions, examine complex systems, and solve complicated problems they are well positioned to choose career paths in a variety of areas such as: health care, biotechnology, education, research, business, environmental management, entrepreneurship, science policy, and science writing and communication.

What Can I do with a Biological Sciences Degree? (handout)

Alumni and Senior Career Conversations

“Post Bacc 101” – Dr. Deborah Stull (bio sci alumna) and Caleb Marsh (Temple’s CST Post-Bacc program and leaders in Post-Bacc programs nationally) 11/16/21

"Pivoting from Pre-Med to Life Science Consulting"-Shanna Smith '18 (working in Health Care Consulting) 10/1/20

"I loved biology, but had no idea what to do with it"-Isha Saini '11 (working in Science and Regulatory Affairs) 10/12/20

"Climate and Clean Energy"- Mitchell Lee '19 (working in climate and clean energy) 10/28/20

"My Big Red Road to Science Education and Communication"- Alyssa Rodriguez '18 (working for the Oklahoma Aquarium) 11/11/20

"Putting Passion First: Giving in to the heart tugs pulling me toward science education"- Kayla Aulenbach '19 (Coordinator of Pre-College and Summer Programs at Albright College) 11/17/20

"Gap/Bridge Year Experiences" - Jack Hruska '13 (Expedition Leader and Field Assistant in Panama), Ashley Odai-Afotey '15, MD (AmeriCorps - HIV Health Promotion Specialist, AIDS United Program), Edwin Rosendo '15, MD (Clinical Research Assistant at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC), and Anitra Persaud '16 (NIH IRTA Fellowship - sickle cell disease/health disparities research). 12/9/20

"Career Conversation with Fred Blaisdell '16, MD Candidate at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth"- Hear Fred talk about his decisions to retake organic chemistry and delay graduation.  Fred took a gap/bridge year (and a half) as a medical case manager and credits this experience as key in shaping the kind of medical student he is today.  4/1/21

"Bio Sci Senior Outcomes Panel" - Seniors (and one recent graduate) share their post-Cornell plans and give advice on how to get the most out of your Cornell experience.  Our panel included students pursuing graduate school (PhD in organismic & evolutionary bio), medical school, MD/PhD (with a bridge year as a postbaccalaureate fellow at the NIH), and one starting research in orthopedics at a biotech company.

To get a snapshot of our Class of 2019, check out What Do Recent Biological Sciences Graduates Do After Graduation? One growing trend among our students and nationally is the number of graduates who do not go directly to graduate or medical school. 

We encourage Biological Sciences majors to use the outstanding career planning services available at Cornell located in 3 career Services offices:

During their first semester at Cornell, students should create a profile in Cornell Handshake in order to gain access to program announcements, services, and job/internship opportunities in career fields that are specifically interesting to them.  Additionally, all students are strongly encouraged to set up a CU eLINKS and connect with members the broad and diverse Cornell Community.