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Career Planning

Because Cornell Biological Sciences majors are exceptionally educated and trained to ask probing questions, examine complex systems, and solve complicated problems they are well positioned to choose career paths in a variety of areas such as: health care, biotechnology, education, research, business, environmental management, entrepreneurship, science policy, and science writing and communication.

What Can I do with a Biological Sciences Degree?

To get a snapshot of our Class of 2017, check out What Do Recent Biological Sciences Graduates Do After Graduation? One growing trend is the number of graduates who take a gap year or two before applying to graduate or medical school. 

We encourage Biological Sciences majors to use the outstanding career planning services available at Cornell located in 3 career Services offices:

During their first semester at Cornell, students should create a profile in Cornell Handshake in order to gain access to program announcements, services, and job/internship opportunities in career fields that are specifically interesting to them.