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Andrew Martinez ’22

Andrew is concentrating in Microbiology with plans to taking a gap year before attending medical school. His favorite classes are all his Spanish courses (he is also a Spanish major!). On campus, Andrew is part of the Biology Scholars Program, was a study group leader for 2 years for organic chemistry and BIOMG 1350. He also worked with the southern tier AIDS program in Ithaca helping them make patient education materials for their clients and making harm reduction kits that are passed out to the community. He is a Cornell Tradition Fellow, President of the Men's Club Swim Team, member of College Mentors for Kids, and will begin teaching a Life Sciences course at Teen Day in Ithaca this fall where he will be instructing middle-school aged home school children. He also does research in the Lin Lab. Andrew likes to go to the gym, swim, hike, go out to eat for fun. Last summer, he did research in his lab, and studied the effects of extracellular vesicles on olfactory neuron regeneration. This academic year, he is looking forward to meeting with his advisees at the Dairy Bar! Andrew’s advice for new students: “Do not overbook yourself! It may seem that you have to take a lot of classes as soon as you get to campus, but in reality, taking the time to adjust to college is in itself a needed consideration for your first semester.”
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