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Anna Szombathy ’22

Anna concentrates in Neurobiology & Behavior with plans to go to medical school after graduation. On campus and around Ithaca, she is on the E-Board of Cornell Health International, a BIOMG2801 TA, and an intake volunteer for the Tenants Legal Hotline. Her favorite class is BIOMG 3310: Principles of Biochemistry. To relax, Anna enjoys watching TV shows, reading, and cooking foods from around the world. For fun, she likes to discover new restaurants and stores around the Ithaca area. This summer, she will be continuing her Parkinson's Disease research and beginning some COVID-19 research at SUNY Upstate. She will also be volunteering at Cayuga Medical Center and with the Tenants Legal Hotline. Anna is looking forward to meeting her advisees during orientation and visiting the OUB for Doggy Days! Her words of advice for new students: “As you start your classes, remember to keep in mind all of the resources available to you! I encourage you to make use of office hours with your Professors and TAs - they are amazing people and are there to help!”
BIOEE 1780, BIOG 1500, BIONB 2210, BIONB 2220
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