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Ava Liu ’22

Ava is concentrating in General Biology with plans to take a gap year before going to medical school, and during that gap year, she hopes to find a job in a clinical office in New York City as a medical assistant. On campus, she is involved in Alpha Phi Omega (APO), a service fraternity. She has previously conducted research at Dr. Siu Sylvia Lee’s lab. Ava likes to sleep, watch YouTube, play online games with friends, and hang out with people in New York City. Her favorite classes are BIOMI 2900: General Microbiology Lectures and BIOEE 1780: An Intro to Evolutionary Biology and Diversity. Last summer, Ava studied for the MCAT and participated in a research mentoring program. She is looking forward to attending BioFest to meet the incoming freshmen this school year! Ava’s words of encouragement for incoming students: “Always take advantage of office hours and get to know your professors!”
BIOEE 1780, STSCI 2150, BIOMI 2900, BIOMI 2911
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