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Christine Kim ’22

Christine is concentrating in Molecular and Cell Biology with plans to take 1-2 gap years before applying to medical school after graduation. During those gap years, she is interested in continuing research, joining a think tank, or doing nonprofit work. She is involved with Human Elements and The Research Paper along with being an orientation supervisor on campus. Christine also conducts research at the Kellogg Lab, a structural biology lab that uses Cryo-EM to study CRISPR-associated transposons and it's potential to be repurposed for genome editing. In her free time, she loves to go hiking around the State Parks and play tennis! Her favorite classes are BioMG3300: Principles of Biochemistry, CHEM 3570: Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences and PHIL 4410: Topics in Ethics and Value Theory. Last summer, she stayed in Ithaca to conduct research while studying for the MCAT. She is looking forward to getting to know everyone during orientation and participating in BioFest this school year! Christine’s words of advice for incoming students: “Take advantage of office hours and the LSC!”
CHEM 2090, CHEM 2080, BIOMG 3300, CHEM 3570, CHEM 3580, AEM 2100
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