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Clara Hao ’22

Clara is concentrating in Neurobiology & Behavior with plans to attend medical school after one gap year. On campus, she is on the Cornell Sport Taekwondo Club, Cornell Outing Club, and Cornell Ballroom Club. Clara’s favorite class is PHYS 1204: Physics of Musical Sound. As a musician, she enjoyed learning the physics behind how instruments work, which gave her a deeper appreciation of music and the world around her. Clara loves dancing, sparring in Taekwondo, skiing, cooking, and traveling. She also started playing the bass guitar in college and love to jam with friends. Last summer, she volunteered at the Cayuga Medical Center and studied for the MCAT. She also hopes to explore the beautiful nature that Ithaca has to offer. She is most excited to get to know all her advisees during Orientation Week this school year! Clara’s words of advice: “Definitely take some time to explore all that Cornell has to offer: Take an interesting class outside your major, join new clubs, take walks around Beebe Lake, and bring friends to Cornell Cinema! Be proactive, keep an open mind, and never hesitate to reach out because we and so many more want to support you and your journey to success here at Cornell.”
BIOG 1500, BIOG 1445, BIOEE 1780, BIONB 2210, BIONB 2220, BIOMG 2800, BIOMG 2801, BIOMG 3350, PHYS 2207, PHYS 2208, STSCI 2150
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