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Daniel Kim ’23

Daniel concentrates in Molecular & Cell Biology with plans to attend medical school after graduation. On campus, he is involved with the rock-climbing club and conducts research on brown fat in the Selvaraj lab. Daniel loves to go rock-climbing, read, and do handstands for fun! He also loves cooking, reading, and playing board games. His favorite class is CHEM 3570: Organic Chemistry I. Last summer, Daniel hoped to begin volunteering at a hospital and to read all of the Steinbeck's novels. He is also looking forward to orientation this year!
BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1440, BIOG 1500, BIOEE 1780, CHEM 2070, CHEM 2080, CHEM 3570, CHEM 3580, PHYS 2207, PHYS 2208, STSCI 2150
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