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Diego Hernandez ’22

Diego is concentrating in Plant Biology with plans to study plant science in graduate school after graduation. On campus, he is an active member of the Alpha Zeta Agriculture and Life Sciences Fraternity and a part of the Student Advisory Council to the dean of CALS. He also does plant science research in the Frank Lab. He enjoys playing sports, going on hikes, swimming, and dancing for fun. Diego's favorite class at Cornell has been PLBIO 3431: Laboratory Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering of Plants. Last summer, he was a part of a bioinformatics life science research internship at the Boyce Thompson Institute. He conducted a genotyping and phenotyping eggplant project that will hopefully pave the way for future research. If you have any interest in genetics, plant biology and/ or biochemistry feel free to reach out! He looks forward to assisting mentees with finding research and being a part of Biofest. Diego's words of advice for incoming freshmen: “College is an experience that can be so fulfilling. Get out there, meet new people, and make the most of it!”
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