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Joelle Park ’22

Joelle is concentrating in Molecular and Cell Biology with plans to attend medical school and earn a Master’s in Public Health degree. On campus, she serves as the Centennial Officer for the Cornell University Chorus and is involved in Person-Centered Advocacy Team (PCAT). She is also an Eboard member of Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP) and an undergraduate TA for Autotutorial Biochemistry. She conducts research at the Bretscher Lab. In her free time, Joelle likes to go on hikes and walks, dabble in photography, and try out food places with her friends. Her favorite class is BIOMG 3300: Autotutorial Biochemistry. Last summer, Lily studied for the MCAT and scribed at the Cayuga Medical Center Emergency Department. She is looking forward to Orientation this school year! Her advice for incoming students: “Try out new things, even if you don’t know if you’ll like it or not!”
BIOMG 3300, BIOMG 1350, CHEM 2070, CHEM 2080, CHEM 3570, CHEM 3580
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