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Luke Detlor ’22

Luke is concentrating in Genetics, Genomics & Development with plans to take a gap year of doing research or outreach work before applying for medical school. On campus, he is an RA on North Campus and a student worker for Cornell’s Student Disability Services. He is also a proud member of Deixa Sambar, Cornell’s Brazilian percussion ensemble. Luke conducts research at the Behavior Analysis of Beginning Years (B.A.B.Y) Lab where he investigates questions related to communicative development and language, studying both human infants and zebra finches. This year, he will be completing an honors thesis working with zebra finches! To relax, Luke loves to explore Ithaca’s trails and gorges or read a good book when he has time. Recently, he has started to learn to play a ukulele-like instrument called the cavaquinho for fun! His favorite class is BIOMG 3800: Advanced Genetics and Genomics. Last summer, Luke stayed in Ithaca to work on his honors thesis and studied for the MCAT. He is most looking forward to meeting his advisees at the beginning of the semester. Luke’s advice for incoming freshmen: “You don't have to know exactly what you want to do or study right away, and you don't have to try to knock out too many requirements your first year. Take time to explore classes broadly, let yourself find new passions, and the rest will fall into place.”
BIOMG 1350, BIOMG 2800, BIOMG 2801, BIOG 1445
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