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Mriganka Nerkar ’22

Mriganka is concentrating in Molecular & Cell Biology with plans to take a gap year before applying for medical school after graduation. Her favorite class is BIOMG 4390: Molecular Basis of Disease. This class really paired her interests in molecular biology and medicine so well! On campus, Mriganka is involved in Cornell Science Olympiad and Cornell Surgical Society. She is also the Chapter Coordinator for Cornell’s ASHA Chapter. Mriganka works in the Feschotte Lab where she investigates transposable elements within the genome. She likes to crochet, roller skate, and watch Netflix for fun. Last summer, she worked on her Honors Thesis and took BIOMG 2800 over the summer. She also volunteered at Cayuga Medical Center as a COVID-19 Screener. She can’t wait to see everyone and attend BioFest this upcoming year! Mriganka wants incoming first years to know: “It’s going to take time to adjust for some students, and that is OKAY! You may not find your friend group within the first few weeks of school, but with a school as big and diverse as Cornell, you WILL find a group eventually! Take whatever time you need, and make sure you enjoy the beauty of Ithaca before it gets snowy!”
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