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Nola Rettenmaier ’23

Nola is concentrating in Genetics, Genomics & Development with plans to attend graduate school and pursue a PhD in the Biological Sciences after graduation. On campus, she works at Cornell Botanic Gardens as Learning by Leading Garden Ambassador Team Student Co-leader. She has also served as an Orientation Supervisor, helped in COVID-19 Peer Consultant, and participated in the Biology Service Leaders program at Cornell. She has TA’d for BIOMG 2800 (Lectures in Genetics and Genomics) and is part of Cornell Club Hockey and Weill-Ithaca Network (WIN). Nola also conducts research in the Specht Lab, where she is working on a project investigating the genetic basis of floral fusion in the Zingiberales. In addition, she is a member of the first full cohort of the Humanities Scholars Program at Cornell. For fun, she enjoys reading, art-making, watching films, taking long walks on campus, and cooking and baking. Nola's favorite classes are CLASS 2812: Hieroglyphs to HTML: The History of Writing and BIOMG 2800: Lectures in Genetics and Genomics. She stayed in Ithaca last summer to work at Cornell Botanic Gardens for the Garden Ambassadors team and continued research in her lab. Nola is excited to mentor incoming students and help them navigate the Biological Sciences major. She looks forward to participating in student panels and helping out with BioFest this school year! Nola’s words of encouragement for new students: "Leverage the academic resources at your disposal (study sessions, office hours, the LSC, etc.), and never hesitate to ask for help from your professors and TAs!"
BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1440, CHEM 2070, CHEM 2080, BIOMG 2800
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