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Patryk Kubiszewski '18

Patryk is concentrating in General Biology and plans to take a gap year to work in a community medical center before applying to MD/MPH programs. At Cornell, Patryk is a member of Alpha Chi Sigma, Chi Alpha Epsilon, Biology Scholars Program, P3, and Step Up! He is currently doing research at the Wolfner Lab. His favorite class is BIOMG 3310, Biochemistry, because the class is organized extremely well, the subject matter is interesting, and the professor is amazing. In his free time, Patryk likes to listen to music, watch his favorite TV shows, and explore the gorges. This summer, Patryk is studying for the MCAT and volunteering at the Weill Medical Center. Patryk says: “Don’t let introductory courses discourage you, and always ask for help!”
BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1440, BIOMG 3310, BIOMG 3320
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