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Priyanka Menon ’23

Priyanka is concentrating in Neurobiology & Behavior with plans to attend medical school after potentially taking a gap year. On campus, she is involved with Cornell Brain Exercise Initiative, Premed Minority Mentorship (PreM3), volunteering at Cayuga Medical, Nazaqat Indian classical dance team, Phi Delta Epsilon professional fraternity, and Arts and Sciences Ambassador. Priyanka also conducts research in Research at the Zamudio Lab where she is studying team-based learning approaches in STEM online classrooms under Dr. Lina Arcila Hernandez, coding student and teacher interactions through excel and R software and helping to develop pedagogical strategies that help engage and retain students in the biological sciences. Priyanka’s favorite class is BIONB 2210: Neurobiology and Behavior I: Introduction to Behavior. She likes to hang out with her friends on campus, dance/choreo with her team, and rewatch her favorite shows in her free time! Last summer, she did research at her lab and studied for the MCAT. Priyanka is looking forward to meeting the incoming freshman class and helping them navigate their journey at Cornell! Her words of advice for new students: “Make sure you take care of yourself and make sure you stay true to who YOU are! You will find your place on campus!”
BIOG 1440, BIOMG 1350, CHEM 2080, CHEM 35780, MATH 1110, STSCI 3570, BIONB 2210, BIONB 2220
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