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Sarah Kebaish ’22

Sarah concentrates in Neurobiology & Behavior with plans to attend medical school after graduation. On campus, she is a member of Sabor Latino Dance Ensemble, an A&S Ambassador, the Membership Recruitment Chair for Phi Sigma Sigma, and a member of Cayuga’s Watchers. Sarah enjoys reading, baking, playing the violin, going for long walks, and spending time with her little sister (most likely playing Animal Crossing). Sarah’s favorite classes are PSYCH 2090: Developmental Psychology, an FWS called The Political Force of Love, and BIONB 4200 Neuromodulation, Brain states and Behavior. She is also minoring in Psychology. Last summer, she studied for the MCAT, shadowed, and volunteered. She is also minoring in Psychology! Sarah is most looking forward to meeting new students and advisees during BioFest this school year. Her advice for incoming students: “As much as you are able, try to go the extra mile in each and every class you take, and involve yourself whenever you can.”
BIOMG 1350, BIOEE 1780, BIONB 2210, BIONB 2220, STSCI 2150, BIOMG 3300, PHYS 2208
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