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Sasha Anronikov ’22

Sasha is concentrating in General Biology with plans to pursue a Ph.D. because the prospect of turning findings in immunology, microbiology, and biochemistry into clinically relevant outcomes excites her. On campus, she is a CALS ambassador, an Active Citizen at Carl Becker House, an undergraduate TA for ALS 4400 (Leadership Through Peer Mentoring), and president and founder of CC STEP (Community College Student Transfer Engagement Program). With an interest in medicine, she is also conducting biomedical research in the fields of immunology and virology at the August Lab. She is a first generation American and first-generation college student. Sasha enjoys playing word games, eating Insomnia cookies, fishing, photography, snowboarding, and collecting sea glass for fun. Her favorite class is DEA1500: Environmental Psychology because it gave her a whole new perspective on how our surroundings influence our thoughts, mood, and health! Last summer, she worked on her honors thesis and continued doing research in her lab. Sasha's words of encouragement for incoming students: “It’s totally natural to be excited and even nervous about immersing yourself into a new environment. I was ecstatic to find that Cornell has all of the resources necessary for students to create a home away from home. My tip would be to take advantage of this and get involved in the community. Not only will this help combat homesickness, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. I would strongly recommend getting involved in clubs, volunteering organizations, and other extracurricular activities on campus because there is no better way to form meaningful friendships, relationships, and connections.”
STSCI 2150, BIOEE 1780, BIOMI 2900, BIOMG 3320
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