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Sydney DeVore ’22

Sydney is concentrating in Human Nutrition with plans to attend medical school after graduation. On campus, she is a Chem 2070 Teaching Assistant, LSC general chemistry tutor, EARS Peer Counselor/trainer, lecturer and creator of The Organic Chemistry Summer Program, and a member of Biology Scholars Program, P3. She also conducts research in the Cerione Lab. For fun, she loves finding new music to listen to, exercising, and trying new recipes. Her favorite class is CHEM 3570: Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences. Last summer, she lectured for the Organic Chemistry Summer Program, working as a patient caregiver to residents with disabilities in a group home, volunteering in hospice, traveling through the Grand Canyon with family, and applied to medical school. Sydney is looking forward to serve on any premed focused panels, such as MCAT prep panels. Her advice for incoming freshmen: “Don't be afraid to make sacrifices to achieve your goals at Cornell! Being successful is all about delayed gratification. It's okay if you aren't able to accomplish everything you want as a freshman.”
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