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Tyler Bales ’23

Tyler concentrates in General Biology with plans to go to medical school after graduation. On campus, he is a member of Cornell Sustainable Design, is involved on the REAL team, and TAs for CHEM 2070. He also has a research position in the Schroeder lab where he studies what factors determine non-enzymatic protein modifications. In his free time, Tyler likes to stay active by doing outdoors hiking or relaxing on the slope with friends. He also enjoys rock climbing and learning new languages. His favorite classes are a tie between CHEM 2070: General Chemistry I and CHEM 3580: Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences because he felt that he learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed learning the material for both classes. Last summer, Tyler stayed on campus to do research in his lab and studied for the MCAT! This school year, he is excited to meet his students in person at the end of August! Tyler’s words of advice new students: “Life is so much better when you stop caring about what others think."
CHEM 2070, BIOG 1440
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