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Xihang Wang ’23

Xihang is concentrating in General Biology with plans to go to medical school after graduation. His favorite class is BIOMG 1350: Intro Biology: Cell and Developmental Biology. On campus, he is the current team lead of Cornell iGEM, a project team that uses synthetic biology to develop solutions to modern environmental and biomedical problems. He also studies the development of plant giant cells in the Roeder Lab. For fun, Xihang enjoys watching Netflix and playing tennis Last summer, he worked on this season's iGEM project and did research in his lab. This academic year, Xihang is looking forward to Clubfest and Biofest! His advice for new students: “Try new things! Join a club or sport that you'd never have thought of joining.”
CHEM 2150, BIOMG 1350, BIOG 1440
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