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As a Biology Scholar you are part of a select group of students working toward an advanced degree in science or medicine. You are excited about the biological sciences and are committed to achieving excellence. You agree to adhere to the following expectations that are designed to enhance your experiences as a Biology Scholar.

  • Study 35+ hours each week by attending class, participating in study groups and studying on your own. You are professional student!
  • Foster cooperation and be a team player by looking out for yourself and other program participants.
  • Plan a weekly schedule that includes time for classes, studying, eating, sleeping, and fun.
  • Arrive to class/events 10 minutes early.
  • Sit in the front 3 rows to increase opportunities to interact with professors/presenters and to stay alert.
  • Attend professor and TA office hours.
  • Attend required BSP events (i.e. study groups, freshman & sophomore seminars, advising meetings, community meetings).
  • Attend special events (faculty dinners, social outings, alumni networking events, site visits to medical/graduate schools, guest speakers, etc.).
  • Actively participate by preparing for classes/meetings and by asking questions.
  • Aim for a GPA that reflects academic excellence.
  • Maintain a GPA that allows you to remain in good standing with your college.
  • Maintain and share an enthusiasm for academic endeavors.
  • Communicate your excitement and concerns to BSP peers and staff.
  • Silence your cell phone for every BSP sponsored activity…No texting please!
  • Volunteer your time to Cornell and/or the greater Ithaca community.
  • Prepare for research: be ready to work in a lab or other research setting by second semester sophomore year.
  • Promptly respond to any communications and surveys from BSP staff during your undergraduate years and after graduation.