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Galapagos Curriculum Student Articles

We offer special set of linked courses in the spring:  an intensive version of Introductory Evolutionary Biology (sciences), a thematic freshman writing seminar (humanities), and a scientific illustration seminar (arts) — totaling 9 credits to a group of 10-12 first-year Biology Scholars. The curriculum includes an expenses-paid trip to the Galapagos archipelago over spring break, led by Dr. Irby Lovette.  **However, due to the pandemic, the Galapagos curriculum and trip will not be offered for the 2020-2021 academic year**

These student articles showcase Biology Scholars’ experiences in the Galapagos archipelago.  Click on each student's name below to read the article.

See video highlights of a past trip here:

BSP Galapagos 2017 Students

Emma Birch standing in a field

Emma Birch

Galápagos Marine Iguana Expert
On Daphne Major: Darwin’s Finches
Sadea Campbell

Sadea Campbell

Avian Malaria Expert
The Toughest of Love in Galápagos Sea Lions and Fur Seals
Marcos Duran smiling

Marcos Duran

Geospiza Finch Expert
The Cormorant That Unlearned How to Fly
Jose Gamarra standing

Jose Gamarra

Galapagos Tortoise Expert
The Successful Child of the Galapagos
Sayyed Hussain smiling

Sayyed Hussain

Galapagos Tortoise and Marine Iguana Expert
The Galapagos Hawk: Reverse polygamy and size matters (not really, but kind of)
Jean Jimenez

Jean Jimenez

Magnificent Frigatebird Expert
The Dynamic Soarer
Miranda Martinez smiling with big hat on

Miranda Martinez

Invasive Species in Galapagos Expert
The Gentle Giants of the Galapagos: The Environment’s Effects on Morphology

Jasmin Strong

Galapagos Pinniped Expert
Penguins on the Equator?