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BSP Galapagos 2016 Student Articles

BSP Galapagos 2016 Students

Peter Ajayi

Land Iguana Expert
The Untold Truth of Human Involvement: My Week in the Galápagos

Felix Blanco

Galapagos Giant Tortoise Expert
Oh The Places You’ll Go! Dispersal of Cacti in the Galapagos Islands

Jaelyn Chinchilla

Sally Lightfoot Crab Expert
Galapagos Sea Birds Have the “Moves Like Jagger”

Chris Diaz

Large Billed Ground Finch Expert
How Big Can the Galapagos’ Godzilla Get?

Brianna Douglas

Marine Iguana Expert
El Niño Changes Summer Trend to Thick

Khansa Mahum

Flamingo Expert
Sex & Violence: Color Outside the Lines of the Natural World

Christina Mendoza

Blue-footed Booby Expert
Setting the Stage for Evolution: The Blue-footed Booby Mating Dance

Anthony Montoya

Galapagos Sea Lion Expert
The Galapagos Hawk: The Glass Cannon of the Archipelago
Sofia Salcedo

Sofia Salcedo

Lava Lizard Expert
Nazca Boobies Offer New Insight into the Mysterious Cycle of Violence that Plagues Humans