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Biology Service Leaders

The Biology Service Leaders Program (BSL) is a collaboration between the OUB and the Public Service Center which allows members to develop leadership within the major and gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between science and the world at large. Through BSL, students use their extensive scientific knowledge to implement innovative solutions for community needs. Members engage in long term projects designed to develop partnerships with key community members to generate a lasting impact on Cornell and the Ithaca area.

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  1. To develop leadership and scholarship through meaningful community service integrated with academic study.
  2. To foster a sense of civic responsibility and understanding of the scientist's role in a community.
  3. To unite the biology undergraduate community through a common bond of service and help satisfy a community need, either within Cornell or at large.
BSL members engage in a brainstorming session on a chalkboard during leadership training.
BSL members engage in a brainstorming session during leadership training.