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The Service Project Experience

Members spend at least one semester brainstorming and one semester implementing their projects. Members develop projects based on their passions and creativity to shape the direction of their service. Reflecting on their service experience through progress reports is an important leadership development activity since it helps students understand what they learned and why it is important.

Past projects include:

  •  4-H2O Monitors: Met with local elementary students twice a month to perform water quality tests and led biology related educational modules. Topics included ecology, conservation, and ornithology.
    Community Partners: Community Science Institute and Cornell Cooperative Extension- Tompkins County
  • Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Watershed Project: Led local surveys to identify hemlock tree groves infested with the invasive species and collected data on current treatments to evaluate implementation and efficacy.
    Community Partners: Cayuga Lake Watershed Network, Mark Whitmore (Professor of Natural Resources), and Cornell Botanic Garden
  • Prison Education Project: Designed and taught an introductory biology course in conjunction with the Cornell Prison Education Program. Students were inmates at Auburn Correctional Facility who needed the course as credit for an associates degree, and topics ranged from evolution to immunology.
    Community Partners: Cornell Prison Education Program and Professor Tom Owens 

Graduated BSL Projects that Now Exist as Separate Organizations

  • Science Olympiad/ Step Up: Coaches students at Boynton Middle School in preparation for the Science Olympiad Competition and helps organize the Ithaca SMARTs competition.
    Community Partner: Ithaca SMARTS
  • Debate in Sciences and Health: Creates forums for discussion on polarizing contemporary issues in healthcare and other fields.
    Community Partner: Professor Mark Sarvary

Ongoing projects focus on mental health, sexual health, lake ecology, and amphibian migration.