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David Lin

Vet Biomedical Sciences
Development of the mouse olfactory system, genomic and genetic approaches to determine how this process of axon guidance and target selection is accomplished. learn more

Maurine Linder

Christiane Linster

Neurobiology and Behavior
Neuromodulation, computation, olfaction, behavioral neuroscience. learn more

John Lis

Molecular Biology and Genetics
Gene regulation and chromatin structure. learn more

Rui Liu

Food Science
Dr. Liu's research program focuses on diet and cancer, the effects of functional foods/nutraceuticals on chronic disease risks, and bioactive compounds in natural products and herbal remedies for anticancer and antiviral activity. learn more

Jun Kelly Liu

Molecular Biology and Genetics
Our lab uses the nematode C. elegans as a model system for three areas of research: 1) Mesoderm patterning and fate diversification 2) Modulation of BMP signaling 3) Functions of the nuclear lamina Mesoderm patterning and fate diversification. learn more

Corinna Loeckenhoff

Adult age differences in personality, emotions, and time horizons and their implications for decision making and mental health across the lifespan. Active collaborations with Weill Cornell Medical Center. learn more

Ellis Loew

Vet Biomedical Sciences
Sensory physiology; sensory ecology; retinal physiology and biochemistry; clinical electrophysiology; visual sciences. The underwater visual environment. learn more

Melissa Luckow

Plant Biology
Phylogeny of flowering plants; legume systematics; cultivated-plant families learn more

Marla Lujan

Nutritional Sciences
Role of nutrition, metabolism and body composition in ovarian follicle development, ovulation and fertility in women; Ultrasonographic, endocrine and cellular markers of impaired fertility in obesity; Determinants of chronic disease in women with menstrual cycle irregularities; Development of diet and exercise regimens that facilitate weight loss a learn more

Jonathan Lunine

Techniques for detection of life in situ in planetary bodies; conditions for habitability of solar system planets.  learn more

Dan Luo

Biological and Environmental Engineering
We have a variety of projects ranging from practical "near market" research involving greenhouse crop production problems to laboratory-based programs involving carbohydrate metabolism, respiration, ethylene and flower senescence, etc. learn more

Minglin Ma

Biological and Environmental Engineering
The Ma group works to develop novel biomaterials and engineering approaches to pack live materials, ranging from single cancer stem cells to multi-cellular organisms, for diagnostics, disease modeling, and therapeutic applications. Current foci include cancer cell growth, liver disease modeling, and type 1 diabetes treatment. learn more

Eugene Madsen

Biodegradation of environmental pollutants; biogeochemistry of field sites' molecular approaches to characterizing naturally occurring microbial communities; microbial ecology. learn more

Sabine Mann

Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
I am interested in the metabolic and nutritional regulation of the immune response during times of stress in large animals, such as in the transition period of dairy cattle or in the neonatal period. learn more

Yuxin Mao

Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology / Molecular Biology and Genetics
Our laboratory is interested in understanding the mechanisms regulating membrane trafficking. Living cells are highly organized by intracellular membrane separated compartments. learn more

John C. March

Biological and Environmental Engineering
By rewiring cellular signaling circuitry, highly specific responses can be tailored to a wide array of process inputs. Most of the work in the March laboratory is centered in three major areas: signal transduction, metabolism, and eukaryotic-prokaryotic interactions. learn more

Helene Marquis

Microbiology and Immunology
Pathogenesis of Listeria monocytogenes; Listeria-based vaccine for infectious disease; regulation of protein secretion across the cell wall of Gram-positive bacteria. learn more

Gregory Martin

Boyce Thompson Institute / Plant Pathology & Plant
Mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis and plant immunity. Evolution of pathogen virulence genes and plant disease resistance genes. Application of knowledge to plant breeding (molecular breeding and genetic engineering). learn more

Angela McCleary-Wheeler

Clinical Sciences
My laboratory studies the role of Hedgehog signaling and epigenetic pathways involved in modulating this signaling pathway in cancer. learn more

David McCobb

Neurobiology and Behavior
Cell and molecular neurobiology; regulation of expression and function of potassium channels in adrenaline secreting cells, and its relationship to stress. learn more

Susan McCouch

Plant Breeding and Genetics
Development and application of high-resolution molecular mapping strategies for rice; comparative grass genome analysis; isolation of agriculturally important genes learn more

Amy McCune

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ichthyology; evolutionary biology; systematics; development and evolution; paleobiology learn more

Betty McGuire

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
My students and I study the behavior of dogs at the Tompkins County SPCA, Cortland Community SPCA, and Chemung SPCA. Our current focus is scent-marking behavior during walks of individual dogs, and how this behavior varies with respect to sex, age, body size, and reproductive condition (intact versus spayed or neutered). learn more

Saurabh Mehta

Nutritional Sciences
The Mehta research group broadly works in the areas of infectious diseases, particularly HIV, Tuberculosis, and Neglected Tropical Diseases, and maternal and child health. learn more

Jason Mezey

Biological Statistics and Computational Biology
Quantitative genetics/genomics; statistical genetics; computational biology; pathway modeling; molecular evolution. learn more

Andrew Miller

Biomedical Sciences; Section of Anatomic Pathology
My laboratory is focused primarily on studying the mechanisms underlying neurologic disease in companion animals utilizing both spontaneously arising disease models and experimental models in a variety of laboratory animal species. learn more

Bill Miller

We have a variety of projects ranging from practical "near market" research involving greenhouse crop production problems to laboratory-based programs involving carbohydrate metabolism, respiration, ethylene and flower senescence, etc. learn more

Charles Mohler

Crop and Soil Sciences
My research focuses on the ecology of agricultural weeds and application of an understanding of weed biology to weed management in organic cropping systems. learn more

Lukas Mueller