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Jerrie Gavalchin

Monica Geber

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Plant ecology and evolutionary biology. Limits on adaptive evolution. learn more

Patrick Gibney

Food Science
Our lab is interested in a variety of research topics that span eukaryotic cell biology to wine microbiology.  Our research topics include understanding fundamental aspects of biology to collaborating with the fermented beverage industry on more applied projects. learn more

Rob Gilbert

Clinical Sciences
Theriogenology, with emphasis on production animals. Postpartum conditions of dairy cows. Uterine disorders of dairy cows, in particular subclinical endometritis. Interaction of nutrition and fertility. Comparative pathogenesis of trichomoniasis in cattle and in people. learn more

Cole Gilbert

Invertebrate neuroethology; sensory guidance; neural evolution in arthropods. learn more

Julio Giordano

Animal Science
My research focuses on dairy cattle reproductive physiology, management, and the implications of reproductive performance on the economics of dairy farms. My research integrates basic and applied science to enhance the reproductive performance and productivity of cows. learn more

James Giovannoni

Plant Biology
Molecular and genetic analysis of fruit ripening and related signal transduction systems learn more

Michael Goldberg

Molecular Biology and Genetics
Drosophila genetics: Genes required for proper chromosome segregation and morphology. learn more

Michael Goldstein

Vocal learning and social learning in songbirds and human infants. learn more

Christine Goodale

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Effects of air pollution, particularly nitrogen, on northeastern forests; capacity of northeastern forests to serve as sinks for atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases; the roles of disturbance history and individual tree species in governing patterns of nutrient cycling. learn more

Michael Gore

Plant Breeding and Genetics
Our lab uses quantitative genetic and genomic approaches in combination with analytical chemistry and remote sensing technologies to elucidate the genetic basis of complex trait variation in maize (dent and sweet corn), cotton, industrial rapeseed (Brassica napus L.), and guayule. learn more

Stewart Gray

Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
My research program focuses on understanding the relationships between plant viruses and their insect vectors. Specifically we work on luteoviruses and their aphid vectors. Research projects range from the mechanisms of aphid-virus interactions to epidemiology and disease management strategies. learn more

Phillip Griffiths

Vegetable breeding and genetics, international horticulture, niche-market crops learn more

Andrew Grimson

Molecular Biology and Genetics
The Grimson lab focuses on post-transcriptional gene regulation, in particular the identity and function of animal microRNAs and other small RNAs, as well as explorations into novel regulatory functions encoded in the 3' untranslated region (3'UTR).. learn more

Yrjo Grohn

Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
My research interests have evolved from studies of basic metabolism in ruminants and genetics to veterinary epidemiology, economic modeling and food safety. The two main areas of investigations currently ongoing in my laboratory are: 1) mathematical modeling of zoonotic infectious diseases, and 2) optimizing health and management decisions. learn more

Zhenglong Gu

Nutritional Sciences
Evolutionary and nutritional genomics, Computational biology learn more

Nelson Hairston

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ecological and microevolutionary processes, especially in lakes. Linkages between genotype, phenotype and ecological functioning. The role of long-lived dormant eggs in on-going ecological and evolutionary dynamics. learn more

Rayko Halitschke

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
As a Research Associate in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology I am interested in the mechanisms of herbivore-induced responses in several different plant species including wild tomato and tobacco, milkweed, and goldenrod. learn more

Chun Han

Molecular Biology and Genetics
We are interested in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms of dendrite morphogenesis and dendrite degeneration, especially from the perspective of dendrite-environment interaction. Dendrite morphogenesis is a fundamental aspect of neural development and lies at the foundation of neural circuit formation. learn more

Maureen Hanson

Molecular Biology and Genetics
Plant organelle biogenesis, nuclear/organelle interactions, RNA editing, floral development and senescence learn more

Matthew Hare

Natural Resources
Research Interests: Population and conservation genetics of marine organisms, invasion biology, phylogeography, and host-parasite co-evolution. learn more

Laura Harrington

Dr. Harrington is interested in the biology, ecology and behavior of disease vectors; global health and epidemiology. She offers courses in Medical and Veterinary Entomology (ENTOM 352), a non-majors course Plagues and People (BIO&SOC/ ENTOM 210) and teaches the malaria module of Introduction to Global Health (NS 206). learn more

Ronald Harris-Warrick

Neurobiology and Behavior
Roles of identified neurons in behavioral neural networks. Roles of ionic currents in shaping intrinsic properties of neurons. Consequences of spinal cord injury for locomotor-related interneurons in the mouse spinal cord. learn more

Maria Harrison

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Molecular, genetic, genomic and cellular analyses of endosymbiotic associations of plants and fungi, exocytosis and membrane trafficking in plant cells, symbiotic phosphate and nitrogen transporters, phosphate sensors and phosphate sensing, hormone signaling in symbiosis, transcriptional regulation of symbiotic gene expression, microbial interac learn more

Richard Harrison

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary biology, evolutionary genetics, speciation, molecular evolution. learn more

Drew Harvell

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Marine Evolutionary ecology, life history evolution, functional morphology learn more

Anthony Hay

There are three main foci in my lab. We study the ability of microorganisms to degrade pharmaceuticals and personal care products. We use molecular ecology tools to study microbes in a variety of habitats as diverse as sand dunes and drinking water biofilms. We also study the impact that a defective prophage remnant has on the ability of E. learn more

John Helmann

Our laboratory studies Bacillus subtilis, a Gram-positive soil bacterium and genetic model system. We are interested in the global patterns of transcriptional control and the mechanisms of the corresponding regulatory proteins and pathways. learn more

Tory Hendry

We study ecology and evolution in host-microbe interactions. Work in the lab focuses on interactions between the bacterium learn more

John Hermanson

Vet Biomedical Sciences
Muscle biology, biomechanics, comparative anatomy, bat biology. Equine neuromuscular biology, bat locomotion (flight and overground). learn more