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Bernd Blossey Bernd Blossey

Natural Resources
impact of invasive plants on native flora and fauna, biological control of non-indigenous plant species in natural areas, plant-insect interactions, and invasion and conservation biology

David Bonter David Bonter

Lab of Ornithology
I'm an ecologist primarily studying questions related to the behavior, foraging, and survival of birds. My students work at various scales.

Soon Hon Cheong Soon Hon Cheong

Clinical Sciences
Our lab focuses on Comparative Reproductive Medicine to advance our understanding of reproductive physiology as well as improving our ability to manipulate reproduction for increased fertility or sterility.

Paul D. Curtis Paul D. Curtis

Natural Resources
My research program deals with human-wildlife interactions. I study animal ecology, behavior, and population biology. I tend to work with wildlife species that are either locally overabundant, or experience conservation threats. Most of my research opportunities are off campus summer internships at remote field sites.

Antonio DiTommaso Antonio DiTommaso

Crop and Soil Sciences
Weed biology/ecology and population dynamics, weed seed biology, biological weed control using pathogens and insects, biology of invasive weeds in cropland and natural areas, integrated weed management, restoration ecology.

Laurie Drinkwater Laurie Drinkwater

Biological soil processes in intensive annual cropping systems, emphasizing mechanisms that control soil organic matter dynamics, interactions between soil biology and soil structure and biologically-driven nutrient cycling.

Heather J. Huson Heather J. Huson

Animal Science
My lab utilizes genomic tools to identify population structure and relatedness to production, adaption, and disease in animals.

Amanda D. Rodewald Amanda D. Rodewald

Lars Rudstam Lars Rudstam

Natural Resources
I study ecology of freshwater lakes and fisheries in an ecosystem context.

Rebecca Schneider Rebecca Schneider

Natural Resources
Schneider has an integrated theoretical and applied research program examining the ecological processes in watersheds that are critical for protection of water resource quantity and quality.

Jeremy Searle Jeremy Searle

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary and related studies of small mammals.

Charles Walcott Charles Walcott

Neurobiology and Behavior
I am currently looking at hearing in spiders. The common house spider spins irregular webs and uses airborne sound to locate its prey. Its ear is a group of roughly 10 slits, called lyriform organs, located toward the end of its leg. We record action potentials from the nerve in the spider's leg in response to various sounds.

Xiangtao Xu

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
I study the patterns, mechanisms, and consequences of vegetation-environment interactions, especially in the context of novel climate regimes under the on-going global change. My lab uses process-based ecosystem models as 'numerical greenhouses' to integrate the ever-increasing heterogeneous data sets in ecology (e.g.