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Bernd Blossey

Natural Resources
impact of invasive plants on native flora and fauna, biological control of non-indigenous plant species in natural areas, plant-insect interactions, and invasion and conservation biology learn more

David Bonter

Lab of Ornithology
I'm an avian biologist working in three primary study systems: 1) reproductive biology of gulls (at Shoals Marine Lab), 2) optimal foraging behavior (winter study focused on songbirds, Ithaca area), and 3) migration (Braddock Bay Bird Observatory). learn more

Soon Hon Cheong

Department of Clinical Sciences/ Section of Theriogenology
Research topics predominantly are related to theriogenology and reproductive biology. learn more

Paul Curtis

Natural Resources
Primary research activities include evaluation of wildlife behavior and population ecology. Various applied management techniques for reducing human-wildlife conflicts and potential disease transmission have been investigated. Novel methods for evaluating herbivore damage to plants are currently being studied. learn more

Antonio DiTommaso

Crop and Soil Sciences
Weed biology/ecology and population dynamics, weed seed biology, biological weed control using pathogens and insects, biology of invasive weeds in cropland and natural areas, integrated weed management, restoration ecology. learn more

Laurie Drinkwater

Biological soil processes in intensive annual cropping systems, emphasizing mechanisms that control soil organic matter dynamics, interactions between soil biology and soil structure and biologically-driven nutrient cycling. learn more

Heather Jay Huson

Animal Science
My research utilizes genomic tools to identify population structure and relatedness to production, adaption, and disease in animals. I specifically focus on dairy cattle and goat production and improvement through the identification of genetic markers influencing traits and those markers potential as diagnostic tools for herd management. learn more

Motoko Mukai

Food Science
Research in my new laboratory focuses on studying the effects of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) on human and animal health using molecular biology, histology and analytical chemistry tools. learn more

Lars Rudstam

Natural Resources
I study ecology of freshwater lakes and fisheries in an ecosystem context. learn more

Rebecca Schneider

Natural Resources
Schneider has an integrated theoretical and applied research program examining the ecological processes in watersheds that are critical for protection of water resource quantity and quality. learn more

Jeremy Searle

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary and related studies of small mammals. learn more

Saskya van Nouhuys

We study host-parasite interactions, and processes affecting community structure and dynamics in a patchy landscape. learn more

Charles Walcott

Neurobiology and Behavior
Web dwelling spiders walk on their ears and hear with their legs. Their “ear” is a series of small slits, called a lyriform organ, located near the most distal joint of their leg. By recording nerve action potentials from the leg, we can determine the sounds a spider can detect. learn more

Joseph Yavitt

Natural Resources
Microbial ecology in soils related to ecosystem structure and function. I am particularly interested in forests and wetland ecosystems. learn more