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David Bonter David Bonter

Lab of Ornithology
I'm an ecologist primarily studying questions related to the behavior, foraging, and survival of birds. My students work at various scales.

Paul D. Curtis Paul D. Curtis

Natural Resources
My research program deals with human-wildlife interactions. I study animal ecology, behavior, and population biology. I tend to work with wildlife species that are either locally overabundant, or experience conservation threats. Most of my research opportunities are off campus summer internships at remote field sites.

Michael Goldstein Michael Goldstein

We study the development and evolution of communication and social learning. The lab takes a comparative approach, investigating vocal communication and social development in human infants and songbirds. Our studies span neural, endocrine, behavioral, and social levels of organization.

Walter Koenig Walter Koenig

Lab of Ornithology
Although retired, I'm still involved in a project investigating the behavioral ecology of the cooperatively breeding acorn woodpecker at Hastings Reservation, a field station in central coastal California. As part of the project, we hire 1 - 2 field assistants during the breeding season (March - July) and winter.