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David Bonter

Lab of Ornithology
I'm an avian biologist working in three primary study systems: 1) reproductive biology of gulls (at Shoals Marine Lab), 2) optimal foraging behavior (winter study focused on songbirds, Ithaca area), and 3) migration (Braddock Bay Bird Observatory). learn more

Michael Goldstein

Vocal learning and social learning in songbirds and human infants. learn more

Walter Koenig

Lab of Ornithology / Neurobiology and Behavior
Most of the opportunities we have for undergraduates involve summer REU positions at my field site in central coastal California (Hastings Natural History Reservation). The two main projects focus on the behavioral ecology of the cooperatively breeding acorn woodpecker and variable acorn production in California oaks. learn more

Charles Walcott

Neurobiology and Behavior
Web dwelling spiders walk on their ears and hear with their legs. Their “ear” is a series of small slits, called a lyriform organ, located near the most distal joint of their leg. By recording nerve action potentials from the leg, we can determine the sounds a spider can detect. learn more