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William E. Bemis

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Shoals Marine Lab
I study developmental and comparative morphology of vertebrates to examine questions in evolution and systematics. learn more

Gary C. Bergstrom

Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
Biology, population genetics, and epidemiology of diseases of corn, wheat, and bioenergy feedstock grasses. Host resistance, cultural, biological, and chemical disease control strategies as components of integrated crop management of corn, forage legume, small grain cereal, oilseed, and bioenergy feedstock crops. learn more

Bryan Danforth

Phylogeny and systematic of bees, bee evolution and diversity, role of native bees in crop pollination, genomic approaches to phylogeny reconstruction. learn more

Jerrold Davis

Plant Biology
Plant systematics learn more

John Fitzpatrick

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Animal and applied ecology; vertebrate zoology; systematics learn more

Maria A Gandolfo Nixon

Plant Biology
My research is focused on Cretaceous and Tertiary floras of North and South America with emphasis on evolution aspects of the flowering plants. Up today, I am collaborating with Drs. Crepet and Nixon in the taxonomy of one of the richest paleofloras of Turonian age known as the "Raritan Paleoflora". learn more

Melissa Luckow

Plant Biology
Phylogeny of flowering plants; legume systematics; cultivated-plant families learn more

Amy McCune

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ichthyology; evolutionary biology; systematics; development and evolution; paleobiology learn more

Kevin Nixon

Plant Biology
Biodiversity, Plant Evolution, Plant Systematics, Phylogenetics, Bioinformatics learn more

Lars Rudstam

Natural Resources
I study ecology of freshwater lakes and fisheries in an ecosystem context. learn more

Jeremy Searle

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary and related studies of small mammals. learn more

Kelly Zamudio

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Population biology, systematics and character evolution. Currently I am focusing on the links between patterns of genetic differentiation and particular attributes of the ecology and life history of organisms such as mating systems, dispersal and demography. learn more