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Xiangtao Xu

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
I study the patterns, mechanisms, and consequences of vegetation-environment interactions, especially in the context of novel climate regimes under the on-going global change. My lab uses process-based ecosystem models as 'numerical greenhouses' to integrate the ever-increasing heterogeneous data sets in ecology (e.g.

Kenong Xu Kenong Xu

The goal of my research program is to discover and characterize apple genes or gene networks controlling traits of horticultural and/or economic importance using tools of plant genomics.

Joseph B. Yavitt Joseph B. Yavitt

Natural Resources
Ecology and forest and wetland ecosystems

Andrew Yen Andrew Yen

Vet Biomedical Sciences
Cancer cell and molecular biology; regulation of the cell cycle and differentiation by retinoids, carcinogens, oncogenes, and tumor suppressor genes.

Haiyuan Yu Haiyuan Yu

Biological Statistics and Computational Biology
We do research in the broad area of Biomedical Systems Biology with both high-throughput experimental and integrative computational methodologies, aiming to understand gene functions and their relationships within complex molecular networks and how perturbations to such systems may lead to various human diseases.