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Rodrigo Bicalho

Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
Veterinary College, 29 Tower rd, Ambulatory Clinic, Ithaca, NY, 14853
607 253 3140

I am an Associate Professor of Dairy Production Medicine in the Department of Population and Diagnostic Sciences. My research interests are diverse and include areas of microbiology, molecular biology, vaccinology, infectious diseases, and immunology. The unifying objective of my research program is to increase the health and the productivity of farm animals, with a particular focus on the dairy cow. My current research includes the study of the normal and pathogenic bovine microbiota using high-throughput sequencing. These projects range from studying the microbiota of cow’s milk during mastitis and using metagenomics to identify bacteria species associated with health and productivity in dairy cows and calves. We are also currently investigating the differential gene expression of mammary gland epithelial cells of high and low producing cows. On that study, we have extracted mRNA from 300 lactating cows and will use RNA-seq to identify genes that are up or down regulated for high producing cows versus low producing cows. Because of the volume of genomic and transcriptomic work conducted in my laboratory I have recently acquired an Illumina MiSeq sequencer. We have recently developed and evaluated a novel vaccine against a widespread bovine disease termed puerperal metritis. This vaccine is the first of its kind and a major veterinary pharmaceutical company is now in the process of registering the vaccine for commercialization. In addition, we have recently made the ground breaking discovery that inducing insulin resistance using a recombinant pro-inflammatory cytokine increased the health and dramatically increased milk production in high producing dairy cows.

Research Interests: 
Disease Pathogenesis
Molecular Biology
BioG 2990/4990 Credit: 
Paid Work Study: 
Paid Non-Work Study: 
Honors Thesis: 
Research Activities in Which Undergraduates Participate: 
microbiology and molecular biology work
Approximate Number of Students in the Lab per Semester: 
Is There a Minimum Number of Hours per Week: 
If So, How Many?: 
10 hours