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Andrew Yen

Vet Biomedical Sciences
Cancer cell and molecular biology; regulation of the cell cycle and differentiation by retinoids, carcinogens, oncogenes, and tumor suppressor genes. learn more

Sera Young

Nutritional Sciences
Our group is working on two major questions: 1. What are the most effective interventions to improve the health of HIV-infected pregnant women and their children? Little is known about the barriers that pregnant, HIV-infected women in sub-Saharan Africa face when adhering to recommendations (e.g. learn more

Haiyuan Yu

Biological Statistics and Computational Biology
We do research in the broad area of Biomedical Systems Biology with both high-throughput experimental and integrative computational methodologies, aiming to understand gene functions and their relationships within complex molecular networks and how perturbations to such systems may lead to various human diseases. learn more

Kelly Zamudio

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Population biology, systematics and character evolution. Currently I am focusing on the links between patterns of genetic differentiation and particular attributes of the ecology and life history of organisms such as mating systems, dispersal and demography. learn more

Stephen Zinder

Our laboratory has focused on metabolic transformations of biogeochemical or environmental significance carried out by anaerobic microorganisms. Over the years these have included nitrogen fixation, methanogenesis, and reductive dehalogenation of chlorinated organic pollutants. learn more