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Keith Perry

Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
Plant viruses, how they are transmitted by insect vectors, the molecular genetics and protein structure of the viral determinants of vector transmission; Plant virus disease diagnostic technologies, array-based methods for virus detection and discovery; We operate a potato seed production program for NY growers. learn more

Joseph Peters

DNA replication, recombination, transposition, and repair learn more

Ned Place

Vet Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
Female reproduction aging, endocrinology, life history trade-offs. learn more

Helene Porte

Biopsychology of brain state change in sleep; physiology of sensory, motor, and cognitive experience in dreams learn more

Katja Poveda

Agroecology, Plant-Insect Interactions, Plant defenses, Insect ecology learn more

Alison Power

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Agricultural ecology; ecology of cropping systems and epidemiology of insect-vectored diseases learn more

Marvin Pritts

My research makes an attempt to identify, develop, and test production and pest management systems involving berry crops for their practicality, economic viability, and environmental impact. I believe that the land-grant university has an obligation to develop research priorities, at least in part, in response to client needs. learn more

Ling Qi

Nutritional Sciences
The Metabolic Syndrome, obesity, and type 2 diabetes are reaching epidemic proportions and pose a significant medical and financial burden to the Western societies. learn more

Shu-Bing Qian

Nutritional Sciences
Most of the research work in Dr. Qian's laboratory is broadly interdisciplinary, with a primary emphasis on the nutrient signaling pathway, stress response, protein synthesis, and their implications in human diseases. learn more

Susan Quirk

Robert Raguso

Neurobiology and Behavior
Chemical ecology, pollination biology, signal evolution, mutualism, multimodal communication, mimicry theory, convergent evolution, learning, sensory ecology, olfactory physiology, plant volatile biosynthesis: plant behavior! learn more

Kathleen Rasmussen

Nutritional Sciences
Maternal and child nutrition, with a focus on pregnancy, lactation and infant feeding; maternal obesity and its consequences. learn more

Linda Rayor

Behavioral ecology of social spiders and social amblypygids. Social and foraging behavior of predatory arthropods; Tritrophic interactions. learn more

Robert Reed

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Developmental genetic basis of butterfly wing pattern evolution. learn more

Kern Reeve

Neurobiology and Behavior
Theoretical sociobiology; evolution of cooperation and conflict in animal societies; behavioral ecology; plasticity in insect social behavior. Social contacts in wasp societies. learn more

Cynthia Reinhart-King

Biomedical Engineering
The Reinhart-King laboratory is interested in how cells interact with mechanical and chemical cues in their environment and how these interactions affect disease progression, with specific focus on cancer and atherosclerosis. learn more

Valerie Reyna

Human Development
Judgement and Decision Making; Risk and Rationality, Memory learn more

Eric Richards

Molecular Biology and Genetics
Research in the Richards lab is broadly focused on epigenetics, the study of inherited information superimposed on the genetic sequence. Most of our efforts to date have concentrated on cytosine methylation, which is one of the most fundamental types of epigenetic information in eukaryotic cells. learn more

Susan Riha

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Interaction of plants with their physical environment and in dynamic simulation modeling learn more

Mark Roberson

Vet Biomedical Sciences
Molecular Endocrinology with emphasis on placental and pituitary biology. learn more

Jeffrey Roberts

Molecular Biology and Genetics
Regulation of gene expression: transcription mechanisms, control of DNA repair functions. learn more

Steve Robertson

Human Development
infant cognition, behavior, brain activity learn more

Adrienne Roeder

Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology / Plant Biology
Studying the regulation of of cell division and growth in plant development and patterning. learn more

Jocelyn Rose

Plant Biology
Structure and function of the plant cell wall and the contribution of the cell wall to various aspects of plant growth and development, including fruit development and ripening, cell expansion and interactions between plants and pathogens. learn more

Brian Rudd

Microbiology and Immunology
My lab seeks to better understand why individuals in early life are more susceptible to infection than adults and respond poorly to vaccination. While the underlying basis for this increase in susceptibility is not known, many reports have indicated that it is due to quantitative and qualitative differences in neonatal T lymphocytes. learn more

Lars Rudstam

Natural Resources
I study ecology of freshwater lakes and fisheries in an ecosystem context. learn more

Michael Scanlon

Plant Biology
Plant developmental genetics learn more

Chris Schaffer

Biomedical Engineering
My lab develops and uses advanced optical techniques to observe and manipulate in vivo biological systems, with the goal of constructing a microscopic-scale understanding of normal and disease-state physiological processes in the central nervous system. learn more

John Schimenti

Vet Biomedical Sciences
cancer genetics; mechanisms of genome maintenance in mice; mammalian meiosis; functional genomics learn more

Rebecca Schneider

Natural Resources
Schneider has an integrated theoretical and applied research program examining the ecological processes in watersheds that are critical for protection of water resource quantity and quality. learn more