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Summer Institute for Life Sciences (SILS) VIII

The Office of Undergraduate Biology welcomes any undergraduates engaged or interested in research in summer to join us for a series of skills-building summer workshops and social activities as part of the Summer Institute for Life Sciences (SILS).  Interested students can subscribe to our mailing list here. Programming runs a few times a month during June, July and early August.  

Last summer's activities included the Fifth Annual Undergraduate Research Ethics Workshop held on June 12, 2018. This annual event is open to all students interested in the life sciences. The focus this past summer was on the ethics around authorship.  On Wednesday, August 8th, the SILS VIII Summer Symposium was held on campus. Check out the impressive breadth of research presented by undergraduate scientists in the SILS VIII Abstracts.  

See our SILS Calendar and SILS Program Descriptions to learn more about our series of SILS lunchtime@Mann library workshops on advanced searching in PubMed and using citation managers like Mendeley, introductory statistics with R, Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) and data organization.